Pals Geomatics Residential Lot Grading Job Request Form

Please fill out this form to request a grading service, once we have received this form we will contact you to confirm pricing and schedule the service.

Grade Stakes These are placed on your lot to distinguish what your ground elevations need to be according to the grading plan designed for your subdivision. Grade stakes are put out PRIOR to any bobcat work being done.
Rough Grade Certificate (or As-Built Grades Certificate) This is a document provided to you with the elevations recorded by our surveyor and is submitted to your municipality inspector for approval. Rough Grade Certificates are done on clay.
Final Grade Certificate (or As-Built Certificate) This is a similar document as the Rough Grade Certificate, but this is done on topsoil or completed landscape.

All Services are required to be paid in full PRIOR to the scheduled service date. Payment Options are Credit Card over the phone, cash, cheque, or credit card paid at our office. Our field staff are NOT able to collect fees onsite.

Questions please call: (780) 455-3177 or email